We want to share key information on a regular basis to give you a clear picture of your child’s work in school.  In January 2013, we introduced a new reporting system, which is proving high effective in monitoring student progress in all areas of the curriculum. Teachers will report on your child’s current attainment in each subject at the end of every term.  By informing you about their progress against subject targets, we hope you will be able to support your child to achieve their potential at The Clere School. 


The report will contain the following information:

  • The subject targets for the end of each Key Stage.
  • An indicator whether the progress made throughout that term is sufficient for your child to meet their target at the end of the year.
  • Your child’s attitude to learning in each subject.
  • Their current performance in each subject.
  • A comment or strategy to help them make further progress next term.


The report details the target, the expected level or grade that your child should achieve by the end of the Key Stage (at KS3, this will be a National Curriculum Level; at KS4, this will be a GCSE or BTEC grade) and your child’s current attainment. Data from Key Stage Two tests in English and Maths are used to establish targets for Key Stage Three. For English and Maths, targets are set using the relevant KS2 test result; in all other subjects, except Modern Foreign Languages, the average point score is used to establish appropriate targets. An end of Year Nine target is set with the clear expectation that students will make two levels progress across KS3. This is in line with the Department for Education’s policy on expected progress.

To indicate whether work each half-term will ensure that students meet their targets at the end of the current year:

Yes: your child will meet their target or may even exceed their target at the end of the year;

No:    your child is not working at the required level, but with support will meet their target by the end of the year or there is a risk of your child not meeting their target.



As progress in each subject area is closely linked to attitude to learning, teachers have also indicated how your child has been working this term. They will measure attitude using these codes:


Outstanding – They have an excellent attitude to learning and show initiative. Homework is always completed on time. They participate fully in lessons.

Good – They have a positive attitude to learning and challenge themselves to achieve their best. Homework deadlines are -usually met.

Variable – Their attitude to learning is inconsistent. Homework deadlines are often missed. Equipment and books are not always brought to school. They do not always follow instructions or co-operate with their peers.

Requires improvement – They have a poor attitude to learning and rarely participate in lessons. Homework deadlines are often missed. They do not have the correct equipment for lessons.


Current Performance indicates what progress has been made during the half-term. In Years Seven, Eight and Nine, students are expected to make a minimum of two sub-levels progress throughout the academic year. For example, if they have achieved Level 5c by the end of Year Seven, they should achieve Level 5a by the end of Year Eight. In some cases, such as Modern Foreign Languages, progress may appear rapid as it is possible to make three sub-levels progress (a level) in one year.


Progress Leaders and Tutors will also be given copies of your child’s report. In this way, we hope to monitor progress and ensure that every child meets their potential. Curriculum Leaders have copies of student progress in their subject area so they can plan effective intervention and reward exceptional progress.

Progress leaders will reward students who are making good progress in four subjects or more and whose attitude is deemed outstanding in several curriculum areas.

Parents are encouraged to contact Curriculum Leaders for further information if necessary or even contact tutors or Progress Leaders if they are concerned about the report overall. Please remember that it is not necessary to wait for a parents’ evening to find out about your child’s progress. We encourage parents to contact us whenever they wish. There is an updated list of staff email addresses on our website.

We hope that you find the information in the Review useful and thank you in advance for discussing this information with your child.