Teaching & Learning

We offer a range of teaching strategies and believe that this helps to meet students’ individual learning requirements. Young people need to be increasingly adaptable, independent and confident, and so our teaching encourages enquiry and enjoyment in their learning.

On entry, students are grouped by ability and taught in flexible sets in the academic subjects. Setting is designed to ensure that we effectively challenge and support all our learners. Students can be placed in different sets for different subjects according to their individual strengths. We recognise that all children are differently talented. Everyone has their particular strengths. Groups are continually reviewed to make sure that students are correctly placed and high expectations are maintained.


Information booklets for parents are issued early in each academic year. These offer more detailed information about the curriculum and the arrangements for the year. Our school website provides full and up-to-the minute information for parents about all aspects of school life. All students in all years are taught for 25 hours per week. This excludes registration and assembly time.


Teaching and Learning Strategies

The teaching and learning strategies provide the building blocks to inform or reinforce the school Teaching and Learning Policy. These have been created to provide a consistent set of information for all staff and learners on what is expected of them to achieve the best lessons possible.


The 'Ready to Learn' information sets out the start of a lesson, it explains what is expected of a learner in the classroom - to be ready to begin their lesson and creates an consistent start to lessons for teachers and learners alike.


There are two information sheets regarding learning objectives, 'Learning Objectives' has overview information regarding how a teacher will begin with the aim of a lesson, possibly using those immortal words "By the end of this lesson you will have ...", how these lesson objectives help and the fact they are reviewed. The second information sheet in this area is 'Learning Objectives, Skills and Knowledge and Understanding' which shows in more depth both the learning objective statement and some examples of Skills objectives which can be used in conjunction with Knowledge and Understanding statements.


'Teaching and Learning at the Clere' explains the process teachers will undertake to provide the best lessons and how students can maximise their benefit from the delivered learning opportunities. The 'Self and Peer Assessment' information explains instances where students assess their own and others work using feedback in the same way as teachers following the Assessment for Learning (AfL) information statements of 'What has been done well, What could improve it and how it could be improved by'.


The final information 'Rights and responsibilities in the classroom and the school' reinforces the expected behaviour in class and around the school, ensuring it is a pleasant environment for everyone attending the school.

These information sheets are placed in every learning environment, they are currently being prepared ready for the website where they will appear below.