Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment in the Curriculum

At The Clere we have developed many opportunities for students to learn across wider areas of the curriculum, and in more depth. Here are a few examples of the additional opportunities we currently offer students. Science, Mathematics, English, Humanities, Languages and The Arts We aim to provide even further extension and enrichment in the future.

The Library and Learning Resources Centre

Our newly refurbished Library Resource Centre opens from 8.30am to 3.20pm daily.

This is an excellent facility offering a variety of resources to support and extend students’ studies. We are constantly updating and developing all resources in the Centre.

The Library Resource Centre is at the heart of our school providing a rich variety of quality resources for all students. It provides a suitable place for individuals to carry out research and to concentrate on investigative work. It is also a place to read quietly and enjoy a wide range of literature and factual books. We have a thriving homework club in which a number of students take the opportunity to stay on after school to research, extend or complete their work, using the books and resources available.

Gifted and Talented Pupils

At The Clere we have many particularly gifted and talented students. We actively promote the achievement of our most able students. All children have their individual strengths and we believe that it is the prime aim of education to ensure that every talented student fulfils their potential. The Gifted and Talented policy is available on request via the school office or can be downloaded from the website.

Able students at our school are identified as early as possible, initially through liaison with primary schools. From the time they become a “Clere” student their progress is monitored regularly each term. Challenge is built into curriculum extension work in the high sets and opportunities are given for the most able to engage in a range of very demanding independent learning tasks. We also provide stimulating enrichment opportunities beyond the curriculum to ensure that every child can develop their interests and academic aptitudes.