All pupils are expected to wear the The Clere School uniform with pride and maintain acceptable standards of appearance at all times. It should be worn properly with clean shoes, shirts and blouses tucked in and no jumpers round the waist. Blazers should be worn at all times.  All items of clothing should be labelled.

Students and parents should be aware that if we feel that the amount or nature of jewellery worn by an individual student is inappropriate or unreasonable, he or she will be expected to remove it and if necessary the item of jewellery will be confiscated by the member of staff.  It will be kept in the school safe.

Uniform List

Black blazer with school badge 
School black fleece (which should only be worn in colder months)  
School tie to be worn right up to the top button and at the appropriate length, as close to the waistband as possible
Plain black V-necked jumper which allows school tie to be clearly visible 
White shirt which is buttoned to the neck and tucked in (not t-shirt or sports/polo shirt) 
Black trousers (not corduroy, skinny or super-skinny trousers, jeans, jeans style, chinos or leggings) – must be ‘regular’ or ‘easy dressing’ fit 
Plain black pleated style skirt + - 5cms above the knee with no splits (Please note that Price and Buckland have added a longer version of the school skirt to their stock)
Black, grey or white socks – please note that socks should not be worn over tights 
Natural or black coloured tights (patterned socks or tights are not acceptable) 
Black leather style shoes (no boots, high heels, sling backs, canvas or trainer-type shoes, there should be no sport or manufactures logos visible), Leather look pumps that were previously accepted are not shoes and will no longer be accepted. In addition suede or suede effect shoes are not acceptable.  
Hair, jewellery, makeup and nails

Coloured nail varnish or acrylic nails are not permitted to be worn
Students may wear a pair of earrings, no more than one in either ear lobe, and these must be removed for PE
No facial or body piercings are allowed
Rings, wrist bands and bracelets are not allowed  
Other jewellery is only acceptable for religious reasons
Watches are permitted
Hair should be a natural colour
Extreme hairstyles are not permitted (School staff will determine what is deemed as extreme)
Hair should not be worn shorter than grade 2
A discreet amount of make-up may be worn in Years 10 and 11 only 
Outer coats, if worn, should be smart, plain, dark in colour, and free of large logos or designs.  Coats must fit over blazers as blazers are always required unless notification has been given to the contrary due to very hot weather.

Bags should be practical and a suitable size to carry schoolbooks and equipment. A rucksack or messenger bag is usually ideal.  Students will also need an appropriate bag for transporting PE kit. 

Lost Property

Pupils are taught to look after their own clothing and equipment and respect those belonging to others.  However, occasionally clothing and property are misplaced, such items are sent to reception.  Named items are returned to pupils and any unnamed items are retained for two weeks and then passed to the second-hand uniform store for recycling.

Link to Price & Buckland School Uniform information

PE Uniform List 

School PE Polo Shirt 
School PE Shorts or Skort 
School Rugby Shirt 
School blue football socks and white athletics socks 
Football Boots 
Indoor non marking trainers 
Shin Pads 
Gum Shield 7 
Optional items:

Plain black or blue tracksuit bottoms 
Plain black or blue base layer 
All PE kit must be named

Every effort must be made by the pupil to ensure that the correct PE kit is brought to all PE lessons and that it is clean and tidy (not ripped or muddy etc.). Any items of jewellery (including wrist bands) must be removed before the lesson and kept in your locker for safekeeping.

Medical notes

If you are unable to participate in a PE lesson for medical reasons, every effort must be made to ensure that your PE kit is still worn for your PE lesson. Should the nature of your medical condition prevent you from actively participating in the lesson itself, you will be encouraged to fulfil alternative roles within the lesson such as coach, official or organiser. In all cases, a hand written note in your student diary from your parent/carer must always be provided and shown to your PE teacher at the start of the lesson. Please note also that not all medical conditions will prevent you from taking part in the lesson. For example, an in-growing toenail would not prevent you from throwing a discus!

Failure to bring in PE Kit

If for whatever reason you forget to bring in your PE kit for your lesson, you will be issued with a spare PE kit for that lesson. When and where possible, the PE department aims to keep all spare kit clean and tidy. It is your responsibility to ensure the PE kit is returned directly to your PE teacher at the end of the lesson (and not left in the changing room for someone else to tidy up). Failure to bring in your complete PE kit for a lesson (or subsequent lessons) may result in a suitable sanction being put in place.

Valuables should not be brought to your PE lesson. Items such as watches, mobile phones, loose change and jewellery should be kept safely in your locker during your lesson. Now and again, the PE changing rooms will not always be locked and thus the PE department can never guarantee the safety of such items.

Aerosol deodrants

Under no circumstances are aerosol deodorants to be used in the changing rooms or any other part of the school building. Please respect this as they can have severe implications on the health of asthma sufferers in particular.

Showers are available for pupils to use at the end of PE lessons. However, due to time constraints, this is not always possible. Every effort is made to ensure they are used during the winter months, particularly following rugby lessons.

For a full copy of the PE kit and participation policy, please speak to any member of the PE staff.