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Homework at The Clere

We believe that working at home supports classwork in many ways.

It encourages students;

  • To develop ‘the study habit’
  • To share their learning experiences with their parents
  • To follow up a day of learning at school
  • to reinforce knowledge, understanding and skills
  • To prepare for new learning

We expect students in Years 7 to 9 to study for around one and a half hours per evening.  In Years 10 and 11 homework set will be supplemented by time spent on revision activities.

Homework may be:

  • Research,
  • Investigation
  • Learning ‘by heart’
  • Problem solving
  • Project work and skills practice

Reading is always encouraged as you will see from other pages in the planner.  Reading may be for fun or to find information.  It is always valuable.

We expect and hope that our students will read stories, factual information, plays, poems, news articles and magazines. 

From years 7 to 11 and beyond it is good whenever possible for a student to listen to a parent or family member while they read to them. 

Reading lists are provided in information booklets early in the academic year and are available anytime on request.


If there are any problems in completing homework please let us know. 

Please remember, homework should be fun!