Transport Information

General Information

Please make sure your child has their bus pass on them at all times.  

In Catchment Transport:  Provided by Hampshire Passenger Transport 01962 846924. 

Out-of-Catchment:  Please contact the school  

Travel Insurance

Your child is only covered by insurance if they have applied for a place on a school bus.  If County Transport have not issued you with a bus pass, then you are not insured to travel on the school bus.

Provision of free travel

Hampshire Local Authority will advise you if your child qualifies for free transport, either on a school bus or public transport.  To qualify you need to:

  • Attend the catchment school or one that is nearer to your home, and
  • The distance (measured by the shortest available walking route) is more than three miles for children from Year 4 to Year 11, or
  • Your catchment school was your first preference and it was over-subscribed.  In this case, we will provide transport to the next closest school, using the distances in the previous paragraph.

Privilege seats

If your child does not qualify for travelling expenses, you may apply for him to be a 'privilege' passenger on school transport. This will depend on whether there are spare seats and only applies if the vehicle is contracted by Hampshire County Council to transport children. The privilege place can be withdrawn at short notice if it is needed for a child who qualifies for free transport.

There is a flat-rate charge for privilege seats which is the same for all children whatever their age or the distance travelled. If you receive income support, or income-based job seeker's allowance, you do not have to pay. All drivers are checked either by the school or the local authority; the Vehicle Operating Standards Agency carries out checks on vehicles.

Bus Routes for Out of Catchment Buses

September 2022


Picket Twenty (A3093 towards A303 near roundabout)

Enham Arch

King Arthur’s Way

Hunts Farm

Enham Village, bus stop by Church

Andover, Saxon Way Bus Stop (am & pm)

Charlton, Convenience Store

Hatherden School

Wildhern Lane

Charlton Down

Hurstbourne Tarrant Shop

The Clere School


Basingstoke (Winklebury area)

Roman Way

Winklebury, Augustus Drive

Winklebury, The Winkle

Winklebury, Pembroke Road

The Clere School


Silchester (and surrounding area)

Popley Way, Tewkesbury Close

Popley Way, Carpenter’s Down

Sherfield Park, Gaiger Avenue

Campbell Road bus stop

Bramley Green Road

Bramley Inn

Silchester, Calleva Arms

Silchester Road, Church Road

Charter Alley, Village Store (was Unisex Salon)

Christ Church, Ramsdell crossroad

Pitt Hall Farm

The Clere School


Tadley (and surrounding area)

Rooksdown Avenue

Rooksdown Community Centre

St Michael’s Hospice

Cranes Road/Manor Road bus stop

Sherborne St. John, West End

Pamber End, Queen’s College Arms

Pamber Green, New Road

Tadley, Manse Lane

Tadley, Fairlawn Road

Tadley, New Road Roundabout

Tadley, Mulfords Hill, Esso Garage

Tadley, Mulfords Hill, Sainsbury’s

Tadley, Franklin Avenue

Tadley, Bishopswood Road

Tadley, Bishopswood Lane

Tadley, Heath End Road, Cricketers

The Clere School

Please note – your child may only travel on the bus as agreed on your returned contract, where passes are issued they must be carried for all journeys.

The morning pick up time is the time the bus departs from the stop.  Students should be at their nominated stop approximately 10 minutes prior to the pick-up time.