National Tutoring Programme

What is the National Tutoring Programme? 

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a Government-subsidised initiative to help students catch up in key subjects, as many students were affected by the national lockdown this year.  

How does it work? 

The NTP uses reputable tutoring providers such as MyTutor to provide small group tuition sessions, which have been shown to significantly increase progress.  

Why is the NTP being run this year? 

Evidence shows small group tuition is an extremely effective intervention in a student’s learning, with private tuition having the ability to boost progress by three to five months. However, research from the Sutton Trust shows that only 18% of pupils from the least affluent families have been able to access tuition, compared to 43% of pupils from the most affluent families. 

The lockdown during 2020 had a negative effect on many student’s attainment, and so the government have subsidised the tuition to help some of the children most affected by school closures. 

How were students chosen for the programme? 

The NTP is designed to reach students in England who may otherwise not benefit from tuition. State-maintained primary and secondary schools in England have all been able to apply for the programme. 

We looked carefully at all the students in our school and spent time discussing with subject teachers and department leads. We are unable to offer this valuable opportunity to all students, so we focussed on those who we felt would benefit most from this programme.  
Further information about the guidance and limits of the catch-up funding is provided on the Department for Education website. 

Does it take place at school or at home? 

MyTutor can provide their tuition remotely so students can join the sessions at home during this second lockdown or at school when we return. 

How do the sessions run? 

The sessions with MyTutor will run on-line via an internet call on the MyTutor learning space with the fully trained, DBS checked tutor.

As with all our online learning, our remote learning ‘Code of Conduct’ must be adhered to by students. 

These sessions are designed to be a two-way dialogue between students and tutors so will be interactive, with students using a headset with microphone in order to communicate with the tutor, who will be on video. As with our normal live lessons, students will need a laptop, desktop or tablet and a microphone. There will be a maximum of 3 students in each session with a tutor, which means students can have more individual attention than in a traditional classroom environment.   

What if I don’t have headphones or a microphone? 

Please contact us on and we may be able to help. 

What will be covered in the sessions? 

The content covered in these sessions will be relevant and up to date for the students as there will be communication between our subject teachers and the online tutors.  

How can parents and carers help? 
  1. Reminding your child to login to their MyTutor sessions each week at 
  2. Checking in to ask how the lessons are going 
  3. Reading through the Parent Welcome email for all the information you need on how MyTutor Works and how to help your child get the most from their lessons 
  4. Give your child a pat on the back after each lesson to praise them for their commitment
Parents Information Session – 25th November 2021
How can I find out further information? 

If you have any questions about the programme or need to notify us if your child is unable to make their session please contact

If you ever have concerns about online safety, please do contact our safeguarding team on